Exercise and Nutrition for those who use Clozapine and Antipsychotic medication




We are a bespoke Consultancy Company working with a range of NHS providers offering professional Exercise and Nutrition advice for Schizophrenia patients affected by weight gain.

What we do

At Lotus Health Consultancy Group (LHCG) our services include supporting the employment of gym instructors and nutritional advisors within the NHS, specifically to work with service users who are prescribed Clozapine and other anti-psychotic medications. Our consultancy services offer comprehensive performance evaluations for practitioners. We specialise in identifying areas of strength and areas that may need development.

We are dedicated to working with:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Integrated Care Boards
  • Primary Care services

  • Community Mental Health services
  • Mental Health charities
  • Private Hospital care

We endeavour to promote a culture of weight loss, nationally, for a largely forgotten community of people. We understand schizophrenia and are able to support mental health organisations constructing a service for users to manage their weight, as part of service delivery.


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a lady preparing a healthy meal with yellow bell peppers, tomatoes and salad

We understand exercise and nutrition and how to combat the side effects of increased appetite and weight gain due to anti-psychotic prescription. We know what exercise and a complete dietary and nutritional overhaul can do.

LHCG will work closely with healthcare professionals to ensure seamless integration of our consultancy services into a user's care plan.  

We strive to be a trusted partner in helping you deliver exceptional holistic care to the service user.  We will introduce Clozapine clinics to better inform food choices for service users, promoting positive behavioural change and enhanced overall wellbeing.


Why we do it

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to address both physical and mental health needs because we believe that comprehensive care leads to better outcomes. 

Clozapine is primarily used to treat Schizophrenia and is also associated with a number of serious side effects such as heart disease. Physical activity has been shown to have numerous benefits for mental health. 

Our goal is to provide comprehensive care that complements the current treatment regimes.  LHCG believe that by managing weight it will stop the introduction and the secondary side effects contributing to negative physical health. 

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If you are reading these pages as a person who has been prescribed anti-psychotic medication, and if you are interested in our services as a way to overcome any side effects that you are experiencing, please feel free to contact us, but also speak about us to your healthcare supplier. The cost of our services will always be paid by the healthcare supplier, not the patient, but this will need to be arranged in advance.

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Our Core Values

At LHCG, we will encapsulate NHS core values with our wealth of understanding and expertise. We have great integrity in placing high value on honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct. For example, putting the needs and priorities of our clients first, tailoring solutions to meet specific requirements and providing exceptional customer service. And providing effective communication within our health strategy to support mental health organisations.

LHCG has pride in giving expert advice and guidance on weight lost and exercise for clozapine service users. We are a highly skilled and experienced in our field and are able to provide valuable insight and recommendations from a practitioner and senior level perspective.

Our services provide the best possible approach following a structured process from the start. This step-by step process will be easy to follow for each individual.

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Lotus Health Consultancy Group principles (BIRS):

BUILD trust and foster strong relationships and communication.

IDENTIFY goals by working effectively and collaboratively with clients.

REASONED approach in providing full transparency and explanation.

SUPPORT throughout the implementation process.  





A Strength-based Approach to consultation

LHCG focuses on identifying and leveraging the existing strengths, capabilities and resources of an organisation and not their weaknesses in achieving their goals. We understand that every organisation has its own unique set of strengths. Therefore, we only emphasise  on identifying and building on what is already working well.  Focusing on the strengths of an organisation will achieve personal success as well as growth and development.

This approach promotes a positive mindset, resilience and the potential for sustainable solutions, which will transfer to the service user to improve their health as part of a recovery model.

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Experience and the role of our Organisation

We uphold the core values of the NHS, where the wellbeing and needs of users are prioritised, demonstrating compassion and improving lives with respect and dignity, as everyone counts.  We have both a wealth of understanding and expertise in providing wellbeing, communication and physical health strategies supporting weight gain. Our team will work with mental health providers to establish an Exercise and Nutritional support structure.

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Our aim

Our aim is to provide innovative consultancy that supports service users exercise on a regular basis and in turn, make heathier nutritional choices. The aforementioned BIRS principles serve to suit both organisation and practitioner. LHCG believe in working in partnership with NHS providers to offer exercise and nutrition for Clozapine and other anti-psychotic users in the local community, to empower and improve the lives of so many people who are suffering from schizophrenia.  

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