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Our services provide an innovative health initiative  focusing on nutritional and physical health plans to assist those who use Clozapine and anti-psychotic medication. This  encourages development and recovery within a safe and stimulating environment.

Lotus Health Consultancy Group understands that mental and physical health are so deeply connected that it is highly inadvisable to ignore one while trying to treat the other. With the help of our service protocol and programmed delivery objectives, we construct services that see users significantly improve.

Users will grow stronger, both mentally and physically, and make their way forward into personal empowerment, while managing their symptoms with the dietary and nutritional guidance that we provide.

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A Value-Driven, Strengths-Based Approach

Amid the rising societal focus on mental health, there is one particular area that we at LHCG find has been, unfortunately, neglected.  Clozapine is a treatment drug for chronic Schizophrenia,  a common condition that can get progressively worse if not treated.  The side effects of this medication administered as a treatment have been ignored and marginalised.

Although Clozapine has been proven as an effective anti-psychotic drug for treating Schizophrenia, the side effects require handling in themselves. By entrusting us with your consultancy needs you can have the utmost confidence in our knowledge.  LHCG will place great importance on promoting physical wellbeing to effectively confront the impact of this medication.




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The Illness vs the Side Effects of Treatment

We understand the concept of anti-psychotic medication treating mental ill health i.e., Schizophrenia.  What is so often forgotten is the side effects that accompany this medication i.e., weight gain, which often require treatment but gets neglected, due to the nature of chronic mental illness.

While the recommendation from a Doctor to visit a local gym may seem simplistic, it is there to encourage service users to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines.  However, the reality for some users is that they experience low motivation, social anxiety, self-consciousness in a public setting, and in addition the adverse side effects from the medication itself such as drowsiness, dizziness, sedation, constipation and many more.

Our primary ambition is to promote Exercise and Nutrition, in a controlled and supported environment, to treat the negative symptoms of Clozapine. 


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Dispelling stigma

Dispelling stigma is an important aspect of our mission. We understand that service users who require Clozapine treatment may face societal misconceptions and biases surrounding mental health.

By providing accurate information about exercise and nutrition we strive to debunk myths and foster empathy towards those who rely on pharmaceutical treatment. Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals feel empowered to seek help and receive the care they need without fear of judgment or discrimination.




Inspiring Change Transforming Lives

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Meeting Patients Social Needs

The importance of social networking is extremely imperative within our core values, as mental health can be very lonely and even invisible.

Mental Health problems do not have to trigger social exclusion. LHCG will offer effective support strategies with the objective being that users can, one day, return to a commercial gym as a more permanent lifestyle change, retain an independent life with a job and have friends, as part of this valuable Recovery Model. 

This will be an opportunity for users to create support mechanisms outside of the service to operate as a nurturing environment. LHCG want users to  learn without having to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, due to the stigma associated with mental health.





A Culture of Change

There is a need to enhance an inclusive practice within Mental Health Services across the board, assisting those with chronic mental health disorders in gaining access to exercise and nutritional programmes, to alleviate the stresses associated with the serious secondary side-effects of Clozapine.

There is a need for change; a cultural shift within the medical sphere, using exercise and Nutritional Consultancy as tools for inclusion, monitored before an individual's health reaches crisis point. This new specialised monitoring is beneficial and easily accessible, administered in a non-stigmatising way.