A holistic health programme for Clozapine users





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Reformulating Mental Health Care within the NHS


We require collaboration among organisations for developing and implementing mental health strategies for their area constituency. We are keen to roll out exercise and nutritional consultancy nationally for Clozapine Clinics to meet the needs of people who suffer from Schizophrenia.

Our aim will always be to strive to contribute to redefining healthcare in the UK and beyond; NHS organisations will excel by incorporating new practitioners directly within the Clozapine clinic multi-disciplinary teams to manage increased appetite and weight gain caused by the drug.

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Why Lotus Health Consultancy Group?

We understand ICS boards, in working towards the integration in services breaking down traditional barriers and silos between different health care sectors. This integration enables providers to make informed decisions and deliver more personalised and effective care, to meet the needs of the national population.

Our consultancy company is an innovative and pioneering initiative tailored specifically for organisations utilising mental health services, Clozapine, and other anti-psychotic medications.  Our objective is to design and execute a comprehensive integrated care strategy specifically targeted towards this mental health group.





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Working with Lotus Health Consultancy Group

  • Step 1: - Establishing Contact:  Once the organisation approaches LHCG, we will reach out and introduce ourselves.
  • Step 2: - Our services:  We will explain how our approach can improve outcomes, enhance service user experience, and optimise resource utilisation for the organisation.
  • Step 3: - Address Concerns and Questions: We will address any concerns or questions raised by the organisation and demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.
  • Step 4: - Collaborative Planning: We will collaborate with key stakeholders within clinic to develop a customised implementation plan.
  • Step 5: - Pilot Implementation: We will begin by rolling out and piloting our integrated care initiative.
  • Step 6: - Monitoring and Evaluation: We will provide feedback to the stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement and alignment with all our objectives.
  • Step 7: - Scale-Up and Expansion: After successful pilot phase, LHCG will work closely with the organisation to scale up the implementation of integrated care.  This includes exploring opportunities for expansion to other organisations within the local area and beyond.





Re-evaluating mental health care and addressing the gaps

By utilising the expertise among policy makers, healthcare professionals, community organisations, individuals with lived experience, and other stakeholders.  These diverse groups can develop and implement policies, programmes  and services that address the unique needs of individuals with mental health conditions. This collaborative approach allows for a holistic and person-centred approach to mental health promotion, ensuring that the strategies and interventions are responsive to the specific needs of the individuals and communities they aim to serve.

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